Tell me?


What I’ll have to do?What I’ll have to change?

Must I swim the ocean floor for you, 

Or perhaps climb the highest cliff for you, 

Maybe walk on burning coal for you, 

As if  not enough, crawl on broken glass for you, 
To slip you in to my arms and make you mine, 

To pull you close to my chest and feel your body shiver,

To hear you heart jumping off your chest,

To linger in the secluded comfort of your love,
To see you sway your hips like roses in the wind,

To place my hands on your perfectly curved hips, 

To feel the touch of your fingers;ten angel pianist,heavenly gifted,

To run my hands through your perfumed hair, 
To look into your eyes that trapped me in fleeting notions, 

To hold your bottled neck over your soft shoulder,

To wrap you in my my passion and expose your every need,

To press my steamy lips onto yours; every secret freed,